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Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet, 11 Plus (11+) Exam – Key Details 2024

Queen Elizabeth’s School 11 Plus (11+) Exam

Are you considering applying to Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet? Discover all the information you require to succeed in the 11+ and learn how to get your child ready for admission.

About Queen Elizabeth’s School

North London’s Barnet is home to Queen Elizabeth’s School, a grammar school for boys. Established in 1573, it just commemorated its 450th anniversary. Queen Elizabeth’s is a prestigious public school in the UK that ranks among the best and rivals top independent institutions. In the year 2022, it was designated as the State School of the Year by the Sunday Times.

Queen Elizabeth’s provides a remarkable academic curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The school is dedicated to cultivating students who possess a comprehensive range of skills and qualities that are of exceptional quality. Boys are motivated to excel in music, athletics, arts, and languages.

Key information about Queen Elizabeth’s School


Queen Elizabeth’s School, Queen’s Road, Barnet, EN5 4DQ


Hertfordshire / London Borough of Barnet

School type:

Boys’ grammar

11+ Exam date:

September 2024

Number of pupils:


Admissions contact:

Number of places in Year 7:


11+ exam:

GL Assessment

Catchment area:


Admissions info:, 0208 441 4646

Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boys) 11 Plus (11+) Admissions

A girl at Queen Elizabeth School holding a folder in her hands

Admission to Queen Elizabeth’s School for Year 7 is based on academic selection, which involves taking an admission exam in September. On average, there are 10 applicants for each Year 7 spot.

In order to initiate the admissions procedure, it is recommended that you attend the school’s Open Day in July. This event will provide you and your child with the chance to ask any relevant questions and interact with important staff members.

Admission to the school is determined by one’s achievement in the 11+ Exam. When two childrens achieve identical scores, their ranking is determined based on the direct distance between their home and the school. The student residing in closer proximity is assigned a higher rank.

Detailed information regarding Queen Elizabeth’s admissions procedure is available on the school’s website

Entrance exam registration opens:

Early may 2024

Entrance exam registration closes:

Mid-July 2024

Entrance exam date:

Mid-September 2024

Exam results released:

Early October 2024

Secondary school application deadline:

31st October 2024

School allocations:

3rd March 2025

How to apply to Queen Elizabeth’s School?

Queen Elizabeth’s School is an exclusive educational institution that admits students based on a rigorous selection process. Therefore, it is necessary for your child to sit for the 11 plus examination in order to qualify for admission.

The school website will provide entrance test request forms for the 2025 enrollment starting from early May 2024. The return of these things is required by mid-July, with the exact date still to be announced.

The entrance examinations are scheduled to occur in mid-September, and the outcomes of your son’s performance will be communicated to you in early October. This will provide you with ample time to deliberate about whether to submit an application to the school prior to the deadline for the common application form on October 31st.

Keep in mind that successfully passing the admission exam does not ensure that your child will be assigned a spot at the school of your choice. Grammar schools frequently experience a surplus of qualified children. Schools and their admissions authorities utilise admissions criteria to determine the priority of children for available spots. Anyone who has registered for the exam will receive more detailed instructions from the school.

Upon receiving an offer for your son, it is imperative that you complete a “Common Application Form” to formally apply to the school, in conjunction with your Local Authority.

To obtain information regarding the admissions process, it is advisable to directly contact the school via email at

Does Queen Elizabeth’s School charge fees?

Queen Elizabeth’s School is publicly sponsored. This implies that there are no charges for children to join in.

What subjects are in Queen Elizabeth’s School 11 plus?

Male students seeking admission to Queen Elizabeth’s School for the 2025 academic year will be required to sit the 11 plus entrance examination in mid-September, during their Year 6. The 11 plus papers are provided by GL Assessment. Every question is in the format of multiple-choice. The child will be provided with a question booklet and individual answer papers.

There are two papers, with each one having a duration of approximately 50 minutes:

  •   English
  •   Mathematics

The questions in the English section are derived from the educational material of the national curriculum that your son is studying in school. This often includes a reading comprehension task.

The problems in the Maths section are derived from the Key Stage 2 curriculum, covering the mathematical concepts taught up until the beginning of Year 6. Number, measurement, geometry, and statistics are among the subjects that are usually evaluated.

How does place allocation work at Queen Elizabeth’s School?

After the exam, your son’s test papers are marked and age-standardised. This is a statistical procedure that accounts for your child’s age to ensure that younger boys are not at a disadvantage.

The results obtained from the English and mathematics papers are subsequently aggregated to generate a unified overall score. Boys who attain a cumulative score of 220 or above are deemed eligible for admission to the institution. Previously, any child who achieved a minimum combined score of 210 in English and Maths was eligible for consideration for admission to the school. In 2024, however, the number rose to 220.

Queen Elizabeth’s School has a capacity of 180 pupils. Annually, a much larger number of males surpass the threshold of 220 or over in their scores.

  •   In 2022, a total of 3,042 boys participated in the entrance test, out of which 1,096 boys achieved the minimal standard required. The minimum allowed score for a place was 234.
  •   In 2021, a total of 2,928 boys participated in the entrance test, out of which 1,047 boys achieved the minimal standard required. The minimum accepted score for a place was 232.
  •   In 2020, a total of 2,846 boys participated in the admission test, out of which 1,013 boys achieved the required criteria. The minimum accepted score for a place was 229.

Admissions are granted to the top 180 youngsters with the greatest scores.

Who sets the test for Queen Elizabeth’s School?

GL Assessment is the organisation in charge of creating the test materials and papers utilised by Queen Elizabeth’s School.

 As a leading provider of educational tests, their main focus is on measuring a wide range of skills, including numerical proficiency, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  The QE Boys school has a specific emphasis on advanced arithmetic problem-solving, comprehension based on inference, and rigorous assessment of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical abilities. 

The purpose of these assessments is to guarantee equity and neutrality, without granting any advantages to pupils depending on their history or school affiliation.

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