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  • Immediate access to over 300 meticulously crafted, Tiffin School-specific mock test papers tailored for 11 plus exams.
  • Developed by experienced educators, tutors, and specialists in 11 plus preparation,
  • Our mock exams adhere to the rigorous standards of Tiffin School, including Tiffin mock test, Tiffin girls, Tiffin girls’ school, Tiffin grammar, and more.
  • Comprehensive solutions with video elucidations, peer benchmarking data for each Tiffin-specific mock assessment.
  • Diverse range of mock exams categorized into three levels of difficulty for preparation of the final exams at Tiffin School.
  • Thorough evaluation of creative writing, featuring model answers (coming soon) tailored for the requirements of Tiffin School.
  • Enhance Year 4 & 5 11 plus preparation designed specifically for students aiming for Tiffin School

About Tiffin School 11+ Exam

Established in 2008, our esteemed tuition center in West London, led by experienced educators, offers specialized preparation for Tiffin School admissions, including Tiffin girls, and Tiffin grammar school exams. We provide professional guidance to both parents and students throughout the preparation journey.

In addition to our regular weekly sessions, we provide a wide range of resources tailored for Tiffin School, such as mock test, past papers, and test papers. Our curriculum integrates a mix of online and hall-based mock tests, along with targeted revision programs, aimed at optimizing for Tiffin School Exams.

Enroll with us to access a wealth of mock exams and 11 plus materials tailored specifically for Tiffin School admissions.

Tiffin School 11+ Mock Exam

Our Tiffin School 11+ Mock Exam tests closely emulate the actual 11 plus exams. These mock papers mirror the style, standard, and layout of the official question papers and answer sheets, to familiarise students with the intricacies of the 11 plus mock exam process.


Our mock assessments have been meticulously crafted to closely resemble the Tiffin School exams. The format, level of difficulty, and arrangement of both the question paper and answer sheets have been meticulously taken into account during the creation of these preparatory materials.

What is Tiffin 11+ Exam?        

The Tiffin 11+ exam refers to the entrance examination administered by Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames, England. These exams are taken by students in their final year of primary school (Year 6) for admission into Tiffin School (an all-boys grammar school) or Tiffin Girls’ School (an all-girls grammar school). The exam typically assesses students’ abilities in subjects such as mathematics, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. Scores from the Tiffin 11+ exam are used by the schools to determine admissions, with successful candidates securing places in these highly regarded selective schools.