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Inside the World of 11 Plus Tutors: What Makes Them Effective?

When students are at the end of their primary education, the next step is 11 plus which helps in shaping their future academic journey. Parents who are trying to find the best 11 plus tutor for their child often lack the understanding of its importance. There are many details that you, as a parent need to know like, the core subjects of the 11 plus exam, the advantages of online preparation, and knowing how to find the right 11 plus tutor online. 

Keep reading and find the answer to every question you have in your mind

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The 11 Plus – What Is The Fuss About

The 11 plus is the entrance exam which comes at the end of your child’s primary education. It plays an important role when it comes to gaining admission to one of the top grammar schools in the UK. This exam helps the grammar school in examining whether your child is suitable or not for taking their advanced study programmes. 

Subjects In 11 Plus Exam 

There are four core subjects of 11 plus examination, English, maths, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. Some grammar schools focus on English and Maths only. 

Each subject tests a different type of knowledge:


This subject analyses your child’s ability to read and write. It includes reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, and creative writing. 


The mathematics section of 11 plus tests your child’s problem-solving skills and it includes basic arithmetic, word problems, geometry, and algebra. 

Verbal Reasoning 

The verbal-reasoning section will examine your child’s ability to understand and reason words which includes analogies, synonyms and antonyms, and word puzzles. 

Non-Verbal Reasoning 

This section of non-verbal reasoning will test your child’s ability to understand and analyse visual information and it includes pattern recognition, understanding of shapes, and logical puzzles. 

The Importance of an 11 Plus Tutor

If you are preparing your child for the 11 plus exam or the mock exam then you must be looking for an 11 plus tutor at home or an 11 plus tutor online. Know that if you want your child to secure a spot in one of the top grammar schools then it is crucial to find the best tutor as these high-end schools are known for their advanced education and they require students with high academic skills. 

Let’s dig in and find out the reasons why you need an 11 plus tutor for your child

1. Personalised Learning

One of the best reasons to hire an 11 plus tutor is the personalised learning experience for your child. It’s not like a classroom where a teacher is using one technique to teach all the students. A tutor will personally cater to the academic needs of your child. 

  • A good tutor will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child and create a customised study plan for them. 
  • Tutors can adjust the speed of lessons based on the student’s learning. If a student catches a concept quickly, they can move on. If not, then the tutor can spend more time assuring that the student fully understands before proceeding.

2. Expertise in 11 Plus Content

An 11 plus tutor will have a deep understanding of the structure and format of the exam. Their remarkable skills can help your child secure the best marks possible. 

  • The tutors know the question types and different formats that will appear in the 11 plus exam. They can teach your child how to strategically answer every question. 
  • They have detailed knowledge of all the subjects by which they can easily help your child to clear his/her concepts. 

3. Techniques and Strategies

An expert tutor will help your child to apply learning techniques and strategies to store the information in their memory. 

  • They will engage your child in engaging activities that help them to maintain their interest and improve their knowledge. 
  • They will motivate your child to practise regularly through eleven plus mock exams to improve their performance. 
  • They use real-world examples to make the concepts easier for your child to understand. 

4. Building Confidence and Motivation

An 11 plus tutor is not there only for your preparation. They will also help your child to stay motivated and build confidence. 

  • A positive feedback and words of encouragement can boost your child’s confidence which a tutor does by celebrating small achievements. 
  • They create a timetable in which they will divide all the necessary topics into manageable chunks to keep your child motivated. 
  • A tutor will keep reminding your child that they are capable of doing the impossible which is very important for academic success. 

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Benefits of 11 Plus Tutor Online 

Due to the advancement in technology, many parents are looking for an 11 plus tutor online for their children. 

Convenience and Flexibility

  • Online tutoring offers flexibility in scheduling. Your child can have lessons at their own suitable times without going anywhere. 
  • Location is no longer a barrier. Your child can access the best tutors from anywhere in the world.

Interactive Learning Tools

  • Online tutors use different digital aids that include videos, interactive quizzes, and virtual whiteboards to improve the learning of your child. 
  • Many online platforms allow sessions to be recorded. Students can revisit these recordings for revision at any time.

Customized Learning Experience

  • Even after being on an online platform, tutors always make sure that every student is getting the help and attention they need. 
  • Online platforms usually come with tools to track your child’s progress and identify the areas that may need improvement.

Use of Eleven Plus Mock Exams

Eleven plus mock exams are the key parts of effective preparation. Here is how an 11 plus tutor uses them for the benefit of their students.

Familiarisation with Exam Conditions

  • Mock exams copy the conditions of the real exams to help the students get used to the format and timing.
  • Students become more comfortable and their exam-day anxiety is reduced by practising under exam conditions.

Identifying Areas for Improvement

  • Tutors analyse the results of mock exams to identify areas where your child may need more practise.
  • Tutors then focus on the student’s weak areas based on the analysis to make sure that your child is getting well prepared. 

Qualities of a Professional 11 Plus Tutor

Here is the list of qualities that you should look for when selecting the right tutor for your child: 

Patience and Understanding

  • If the tutor understands the challenges that students face and shows empathy and patience towards your child.
  • If they adjust their teaching style to meet the unique needs of your child.

Communication Skills

  • Tutors should communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner so it’s easy for your child to grasp the knowledge. 
  • Make sure they listen to your child’s concerns and questions and provide thoughtful and thorough answers.

Passion for Teaching

  • A great tutor should be dedicated to your child’s academic success and go the extra mile to make sure that they understand the material.
  • Their enthusiasm for the subjects they teach should be communicable and help in keeping your child engaged. 

Parent’s Role In Supporting 11 Plus Online Tutoring 

As a parent, you play a very important role in supporting your child’s preparation with an 11 plus tutor:

  • Make sure that your child has a quiet and comfortable space to study.
  • Set a regular study routine to help your child stay on track.
  • Motivate your child and celebrate their progress and achievements.
  • Stay in regular contact with the tutor to be informed about your child’s progress and areas that need attention.

Choosing the Right 11 Plus Tutor Online

Consider the following things when you are choosing online 11 plus tutor for your child and then pick the best one: 

  • Check the tutor’s educational qualifications and experience in teaching 11 Plus course material.
  • Look for tutors having a proven track record of helping students succeed in the 11 Plus exams.
  • Make sure that the tutor’s teaching style matches your child’s learning choices.
  • Choose a tutor who uses different methods to keep your child engaged.
  • Read reviews and testimonials from other parents to test the tutor’s reliability.
  • Look for the success stories that prove the tutor’s ability to help the students in achieving their goals.

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When it comes to the education of your child, you should never compromise on quality. Tutors have become more effective nowadays by combining their expertise and personalized teaching. They can motivate and build confidence in your child. They use traditional face-to-face sessions for 11 plus online tutoring to help their students succeed in their 11 plus exams. 

Choosing the right online 11 plus tutor and supporting your child’s preparation with focused practise, including eleven plus mock exams will set them on the road to success.


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