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The Henrietta Barnett School Eleven Plus Exams: A 2024 Entry Guide

The Henrietta Barnett School

The Henrietta Barnett School is an exclusive all-girls grammar school situated in Hampstead Garden Suburb, in the northern part of London. The school was established in 1911 by Dame Henrietta Barnett, a social reformer and philanthropist who advocated for education, housing, and women’s rights throughout London.

This article provides comprehensive information about the school, including details about the application process, the catchment area, the exam format, and tips on how to assist your child in preparing.

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11 Plus Entry Information for Henrietta Barnett School

For girls ages 11 to 18, the Henrietta Barnett School (HBS) is a non-denominational grammar school. The school was transformed into an Academy in April 2012. The school is an enchanting Grade 11* Listed Building constructed by Lutyens. Approximately 75% of the school’s students belong to minority ethnic groups, and more than 50% of the girls are reported to have a first language other than English.


Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 7BN


Hertfordshire/London Borough of Barnet

Admissions info:, 020 8458 8999

School type:

Girls’ grammar

Number of places in Year 7:


Open Day date: July


11+ Exam date 2024:

September (Round 1) and October (Round 2)

Exam type / Board:

Part 1: GL Assessment | Part 2: set by the school

Exam Format

Set by GL Assessment. English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics

School Website

 Important Dates for The Henrietta Barnett School Eleven Plus Exams

Alarm clock, books, and pencils symbolize back to school concept at Henrietta Barnett School

The ranking of the Henrietta School is quite excellent. The school is consistently ranked among the highest-performing schools in the country. The Henrietta Barnett School has been recognized as the highest-ranking state school according to the Parent Power 2023 rankings.

The school is highly regarded for its academic performance, with 89% of A-Level grades achieving A* to A and 97% achieving A* to B.  For summer 2022, an astounding 94% of GCSE marks were between an 8 and a 9.

These outcomes are among the finest in the UK, and they are reflected in the school’s remarkable track record of successful university offers. Henrietta Barnett’s female students got a total of 34 offers from Oxford and Cambridge universities in January 2023, representing 24% of the Year 13 cohort.

Entrance exam registration opens:

Monday 15th April 2024

Open day:

Thursday 11th July 2024

Entrance exam registration closes:

Friday 12th July 2024

First round exam date:

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th September 2024

First round results released:

by Monday 23rd September 2024

Second round exam date:

Tuesday 1st October 2024

Secondary school application deadline:

Thursday 31st October 2024

School allocations:

Saturday 1st March 2025

How to apply to The Henrietta Barnett School?

A teacher at Henrietta Barnett School assists a student with their paper, providing guidance and support

The Henrietta Barnett School is an exclusive educational institution that admits students based on a rigorous selection process. Consequently, your daughter will be required to sit for the 11 plus examination in order to qualify for admission. Admission to (HBS) requires completion of two rounds of entrance examinations.

Registration for girls seeking admission to The Henrietta Barnett School for the 2025 academic year must be completed by the middle of July 2024. The initial examination will occur in early September, and you will obtain the outcomes of your child’s performance a few weeks thereafter. If your daughter’s score places her among the top 300 children, she will receive an invitation to participate in the second round exam, which will take place in early October.

In order to be considered for admission to the Henrietta Barnett School, it is necessary to designate HBS as one of your preferred schools on the secondary school common application form. The information will be accessible on your local council’s website starting in early September and must be submitted by October 31st.

Keep in mind that successfully completing the entrance tests does not ensure that your child will be assigned a spot at the school of your choice. Grammar schools frequently experience a surplus of qualified children. Children are given priority for spots based on admissions criteria, which are used by schools and their admissions authorities.

Further admissions policies and documents are available on the school’s website.

If there are more applicants than available spots, the school employs the following oversubscription criterion, prioritising the following:

  •   Children who are currently in foster care or have previously been in foster care.
  •   Only up to 20 individuals who are qualified for Pupil Premium funding will be considered.
  •   The remaining candidates are listed in rank score order from the 11 Plus exam(s).

What are the School fees of Henrietta Barnett?

Since Henrietta Barnett School receives funding from the government, there are no fees associated with attending the school. The school does not charge any fees.

Which subjects are on the HBS entrance exam?

A young girl at Henrietta Barnett School diligently writes on a notebook, focusing on her task

GL Assessment is responsible for creating the written format of the 11 Plus Exam for Henrietta Barnett School. The format consists of a two-stage process, which is outlined as follows:

Stage 1:

Paper 1: 30 minute English Paper.

This includes 5 minutes of planning followed by a 25 minute multiple choice test

Paper 2: 25 minute Verbal Reasoning Paper.

This includes a 5 minute practise test followed by 34 multiple choice questions.

Paper 3: 8 minute Non-Verbal Reasoning Test

This paper consists of two 4 minute subtests but includes an untimed practise section at the beginning.


Your child will receive an invitation to return for Stage 2 if they are successful.

Paper 1

60 minute Mathematics Paper. This includes half the section being free response and the second half being multiple choice.

Paper 2

30 minute English Comprehension Paper. This will include questions on comprehension and creative writing.

 First round exam

The initial phase of the entrance exam comprises 11 plus papers, which are given by GL Assessment. Every question is in the format of multiple-choice. The child will be provided with a question booklet and individual answer papers.

The questions encompass three subjects:

  •   English questions are derived from the educational material that is part of the national curriculum, which your daughter will be studying in school. Typically, this involves an activity that assesses reading comprehension.
  •   Verbal reasoning is not included in the educational curriculum. Verbal reasoning evaluates your child’s capacity to examine and resolve issues using written information, such as letters, words, symbols, and numbers.
  •   Non-verbal reasoning, similar to verbal reasoning, is not included in the national curriculum. This assessment evaluates your child’s aptitude in problem-solving using visual stimuli, such as shapes, graphs, and images.

Second round exam

Children who have been invited back for the second round exam will be given two test papers that have been developed by the professionals at The Henrietta Barnett School.

  •   One paper evaluates proficiency in English comprehension and creative writing.
  •   The other paper evaluates mathematics.

These documents do not consist of multiple-choice questions. The topic is expected to encompass the objectives of both Year 5 and Year 6 of the national curriculum. Your child will be required to utilise their abilities and understanding in situations that are new.

The Henrietta Barnett School Catchment Area

Three girls in school uniforms standing in front of a large building, Henrietta Barnett School

Is there a catchment area for The Henrietta Barnett School?

The school does not have a defined catchment region, allowing individuals to apply and take the initial round test regardless of their location. However, after the second round of the exam, they do take into account the proximity to the institution when deciding whether to award a spot. Priority will be given to applicants residing within a 3-mile radius.

How to Prepare for The Henrietta Barnett School 11 Plus (11+) Exam?

In order to effectively prepare your daughter for the HBS 11+ entrance exam, we recommend utilising our specialised resources. Our simulated mock tests permit acquainting oneself with the question types and structure of the real examination, so enhancing her self-assurance in preparation for the significant day.


By utilising our free mock practise samples, you will be able to accurately pinpoint your daughter’s areas of proficiency and areas for improvement. This will assist you in developing a well-considered study schedule that emphasises frequent and consistent studying. Furthermore, she will learn how to respond to questions fast and under time constraints with the help of our 11+ resources with video explanations.

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